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Hey there!

Here's a bit about myself...

I’m here to help you discover your personal style.

Have you been struggling to express yourself through what you wear? Do you look through your closet thinking: “How do I make an outfit out of this mess?” Struggling to find an outfit for an event? Have no idea what “trendy” means? That’s where I come in. 

I am a recent graduate from the University of Michigan where I earned my Bachelor’s Degree in Performing Arts Management. In addition to my proficiency in the performing arts, I worked for Anthropologie in sales as well as hold extensive experience in brand marketing and modeling with several other companies.


Currently, I work full-time as the marketing associate at the Princess Grace Foundation-USA, on behalf of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco. The Foundation manages the global legacy of Grace Kelly including a luxury/licensing business and an annual awards program providing millions of dollars of grants to early career artists. Check out Grace Influential to learn more about their Princess Grace relevance campaign.


As the previous campus brand ambassador for Depop (the major fashion and social commerce company), I have experience in effectively marketing brands and cultivating engagement for its platform. I’ve worked diligently with Depop’s team to promote their brand at different events such as the organization of campus pop-up shops and DIY fashion events. I have also been featured in trending fashion publications modeling for LF Stores and Shei Magazine (UoM’s largest fashion magazine). But most of all, my friends have ALWAYS asked me to shop for them! Growing up, I never quite knew who I was and struggled to find my identity. I tried on many different personas through fashion, until finally finding the one that made me feel like “this is me”. Let’s work together to discover you!

So here we are. Let’s figure out what makes you feel the most confident in what you wear, and have a bit of fun while we’re at it! Whether you need to shop on a budget, learn thrifting, shop upscale or anything in between, I got you covered.

Three fun facts to check out:

1. I'm an AVID dog lover & created the first socializing dog club at the University of Michigan. If you like cute dog pics, check out the instagram @TheBarkingWolverine

2. If custom designed tailgate apparel interests you or somebody you know, check out @SewGood4U on instagram.

3. The other part of my life is dedicated to the stage. Check out my personal website here !

Can't wait to hear from you and get started!



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